Collective protective equipment

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DPC Support and Maintenance

Preventive maintenance of dpcs (Collective Protection Devices) not only ensures business continuity by drastically reducing the risk of sudden failure, but also ensures the best safety conditions for personnel.

Proper planning of periodic inspections and scheduling of maintenance interventions allows for the best results at the lowest cost, eliminating interventions that are not strictly necessary.

3C Service offers accurate preventive-corrective maintenance service and periodic maintenance and validation on the following equipment:
- Horizontal unidirectional (laminar) flow biological fume hoods (clean-benches)
- Unidirectional (laminar) vertical flow biological cabins (clean air cabinets)
- Microbiological safety cabinets (BioHazard fume hoods) class I, II and III
- Safety Hoods for Chemotherapy (BioHazard Class II Type H)
- Isolators for reconstitution of chemotherapeutic drugs
- Chemical fume hoods with total expulsion
- Recirculating molecular filtration chemical fume hoods
- Ventilated and fireproof cabinets service
- Contamination-controlled environments (Clean Rooms)
- Biosafety Laboratories (PCL 3)
- Ventilated cabinet assistance - dpc validation
- Replacement of HEPA and ULPA absolute filters in biological and biohazard hoods of all brands
- Replacement of activated carbon filters on recirculating hoods of all brands
- Revalidation after filter replacement
- Maintenance of electrical, electronic, mechanical and hydraulic (fluid and gas) parts
- Biodecontamination with Hydrogen Peroxide (vapors) on biological fume hoods and biohazards


Consulting and Park Management DPC

Prevention and Protection Services (PPS), technical offices, and clinical engineers engaged in their daily multifaceted activities will undoubtedly find it useful to delegate the inventory and management of the entire laboratory fume hood fleet (chemical fume hoods, biological fume hoods, and safety cabinets)
to 3C Service to ensure constant control and the best operating and safety conditions
to workers.

The service includes:
- An accurate census with identification of the risk level of individual DPCs in the institution
- The creation of the logbooks for each individual DPC (Logbook and Quick Instructions for
the user)
- The scheduling of periodic inspections for each piece of equipment
- The performance of periodic inspections and the planning of preventive and/or corrective actions
- Periodic reports and statistics of failures and malfunctions for service monitoring and
of operating costs

The service also includes specific professional training or refresher courses for personnel using DPCs, conducted in collaboration with a training center specializing in the subject, aimed at the prevention of chemical or biological risk through the proper use of DPCs by assigned workers (Art. 73 of T.U. Legislative Decree 81/08).