SIAL is at your side to maximize all the instrumentation you need for your laboratory starting from benchtop equipment to more complex automation instruments such as liquid handling and NGS.

Possessing within a research or diagnostic laboratory the most suitable instrumentation to obtain the expected result as quickly and reliably as possible is certainly a basic requirement. In fact, SIAL, thanks to its numerous collaborations with the best international companies in the market, is able to provide solutions focused on the needs of each client.



MicroLab Prep


Hamilton® Microlab® Prep

Switching from manual dispensing of reagents to automatic mode eliminates the risk of contamination and variability due to the operator. With Microlab PREP, a compact and technologically advanced liquid handling system, it is possible to reduce work schedules, optimize the amount of reagents used by reducing waste, and standardize processes. Indeed, this system, despite its small size, maintains the high speed and quality standards of Hamilton's most sophisticated instruments.
The Hamilton® Microlab® Prep is ideal for sample preparation, PCR setup, serial dilutions and aliquots. It is based on a proprietary technology, Compressed O-Ring Expansion (CO-RE), which allows the tips to be loaded effortlessly by the lock-and-key mechanism, eliminating mechanical stress and increasing system reliability and pipetting speed. For liquid suction, on the other hand, the machine takes advantage of air displacement just as it normally does for manual pipettes.
This suction method is therefore more accurate and precise than other liquid handling systems, with a dynamic range of 0.5 μl - 1000 μl. Thanks to an intuitive graphical interface, new protocols can be easily built and simulated, as well as those already set on the instrument. In addition, thanks to an internal camera, it is possible to check the correct position of plates, pipe strips and tips loaded on the deck.

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Real Time PCR Thermal Cyclers

Agilent, Bio Rad, Analytik Jena, Amoy


AriaMx is the ideal solution for data amplification, detection, and analysis because it combines a state-of-the-art thermal cycler, an advanced optical system with an LED excitation source, and software for comprehensive data analysis. The instrument can hold up to six optical modules, and the design of the scanning optics ensures optimal separation between dyes and between samples. The instrument provides a closed-tube PCR detection format that can be used in numerous fluorescence detection chemistries, including SYBR® Green and EvaGreen dyes as well as fluorogenic probe systems including TaqMan probes.

Technical characteristics:
- Allows for gene expression analysis, genotyping, HRM, mRNA quantification, and NGS quantification
- Exchangeable optical cartridges (ROX, FAM, HEX, CY5, CY3, ATTO 425) can be used.
- The acquisition time is < 3 s/plate
- Peltier block compatible with 0.2-mL low profile tubes, strips and 96-well plates. The instrument has a built-in diagnostic system to help the user identify problems in the test or concerning the functionality of the instrument.

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Analytic Jena's qTower3 thermal cycler guarantees high performance through precise temperature control along the entire block, unlike common instruments on the market and regardless of the number of samples. Specifically, these instruments are characterized by:
- patent optical system that ensures high reproducibility in all block positions;
- Innovative block technology to ensure thermal uniformity in each well;
- Availability of various filters
- qPCRsoft software for reaction setup and data analysis.
Also available in a touch version for controlling the machine without connection to a PC.

SLAN-96 Automatic Medical PCR Analysis System (IVD)

The SLAN-96S real-time PCR system is used to do real-time PCR experiments and analyze the results of the experiments.
With the appropriate reagents, the SLAN-96S real-time PCR system performs rapid and accurate qualitative or quantitative performance, detection of target nucleic acids extracted from samples (e.g., blood, body fluids or other materials) or discriminate the target nucleic acid melting curve or genotype.
The SLAN-96S real-time PCR system is intended for:
1. In vitro clinical diagnosis;
2. General laboratory use.
The Zeesan SLAN-96S real-time PCR system is used exclusively within a laboratory setting, and its users must be trained in PCR, instrument technology and operation, and be familiar with related operations.

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CFX Opus 96 Real-Time PCR System

The CFX Opus 96 Real-Time PCR System is the newest Real Time machine in the CFX family. The optical system with 6 different LEDs and photodiodes can detect up to 5 targets per well. For individual FAM/SYBR® Green fluorescent dyes, the optical system provides rapid scanning in all 96 wells and in only 3 seconds. A separate channel, however, is dedicated for FRET analysis in singleplex experiments.

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