Chemicals and solvents

SIAL offers its Customers a complete portfolio of laboratory chemicals including acids, salts, solvents, salts and specialty products for analytical use. Strict quality controls and excellent consistency between production batches mean that reliable results can always be achieved. Laboratory chemicals for everyday applications, such as detergents for Mycoplasma contamination, indicators and ancillary products, are also available in the extensive catalog.

Sial has been the official distributor of Merck for many years, offering a choice of more than 30,000 chemicals and reagents that can facilitate daily laboratory work.

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Chemicals and solvents

Merck, Bio Rad, PanReac AppliChem

SIAL can offer various chemical products such as solvents, acids and bases, buffers, mineral salts, spectroscopy and LC-MS products, Mycoplasma decontamination products, etc.

To learn more you can contact SIAL customer care so that we can identify the best solution for your needs.

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