All plastic products we distribute are manufactured in ISO 9001-certified environments and undergo stringent inspections before release to ensure high levels of performance. A certificate is available for all products with details of batch number, sterility test, assay of pyrogenic agents, cell adhesion and cell growth.

Sial has been the official distributor for many years of Corning, one of the world's largest manufacturers of plastics, reagents and media for Cell Culture as well as a wide range of small laboratory instruments.

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Multiwell plates for cell culture


Multi-well plates for cell culture are made of transparent PS with alphanumerical codes for well identification, and have lids with anti-condensation rings to reduce contamination. They are available flat-bottomed or U-shaped, with TC treatment, without TC treatment and with low cell adhesion surface. These plates are sterile (gamma-ray) and are also certified as pyrogen-free. Download the brochures to learn more.


Petri dishes


Petri dishes are Manufactured from optically clear virgin polystyrene for proper visualization of cells under the microscope without distortion, sterile and Nonpyrogenic. They are available in different formats, both TC-treated and non-TC-treated, so as to meet any experimental need. Download the brochures to learn more.




Flask are available in different sizes, designs, and cap types to meet all laboratory needs. They are made of polystyrene, sterile and Nonpyrogenic. They are divided into flask TC- treated, untreated and ultralow attachment. Other available products include Corning® CELLine Disposable Bioreactors for the production of antibodies and recombinant proteins. You can learn more by downloading the brochures.




Cell culture inserts, also known as Transwells, are essential for the study of both anchorage-dependent and independent cell lines. You can select the product of interest depending on membrane type (PC or PET), pore size, diameter and surface treatment with the ultimate goal of simulating an in vivo state of the cells. Download the brochures to learn more.


Scraper, Cell Lifter and Culture Slides.


Various Corning®, nonpyrogenic, sterile, individually packaged devices such as "cell scrapers" for flasks and "cell lifters" for Petri dishes are useful for the manual harvesting of cells. The wide range of Corning® products also includes Culture Slides that allow both cell growth and subsequent microscopic analysis.


Products for Cryogenics


Cryogenic tubes are manufactured from polypropylene to withstand temperatures down to -196°C. They are Dnase/Rnase free, sterile and nonpyrogenic. In addition, they are available with internal or external THREADING, are graduated in black with large white marking spot. In addition to cryogenic tubes, cryogenic accessories are also available such as the innovative Corning® CoolCell, a system for controlled freezing of cells at -1°C/min to -80°C; easy to use and involves no alcohol or liquids to freeze cells. More can be found in the brochure.

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