Plastics and laboratory consumables

For an excellent PCR experiment, the researcher needs to select not only the right enzyme but also the correct plastic product. Indeed, it is well known that many poor quality commercial products can compromise the success of an experiment, as well as the integrity of the samples themselves. SIAL offers an extensive catalog of high-quality products that ensure thermal conductivity, mechanical stability and reproducibility of results.

We support researchers by selecting with them the right products for all daily laboratory applications.

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Microtubes and PCR strips

Corning, yourSial, Eppendorf

The 0.6-mL, 1.5-mL and 2.0-mL microcentrifuge tubes have the following technical specifications:
- Made of virgin polypropylene;
- Transparent;
- Hermetically sealed (guaranteed even during boiling or autoclaving);
- They can be centrifuged up to 20,000 RCF;
- They are easily opened with a finger;
- The cap can be pierced with syringes;
- Certified RNase/DNase/protease and endotoxin-free to ensure total sample integrity;
- Graduate in order to control the sample volume.

In addition to microtubes from yourSial's line, other products from different brands that we distribute, such as Corning, are also available.
Sial customer care can be contacted for more information.


PCR and qPCR Plates

Corning, yourSial

For daily laboratory activities, Sial supports its Customers by offering a wide catalog of plastic products including plates from the yourSIAL line made of DRM or double resin, a unique feature that provides strength by eliminating the risk of plate deformation with heat. The edges of the wells of each plate are raised to facilitate sealing and to increase their integrity.

One of the most frequent problems with PCR plastics is sample evaporation. With yourSIAL products, on the other hand, the risk of evaporation is zero. Their structure also prevents cross-contamination between wells and consequently negates the possibility of obtaining false-positive results. Finally, the wells are low-retention and allow the sample to be recovered in its integrity. Below we list the main plates available from yourSial's catalog:
- 0.1 ml PCR plate, 96 well, non-skirted, white;
- 0.2 ml PCR plate, 96 well, non-skirted, white;
- 0.2 ml PCR plate, 96 well, half-skirted, transparent.

In addition to plastic from yourSIAL line, plates from many other brands we distribute such as Corning are also available.
Sial customer care can be contacted for more information.


Sealing Film

Corning, yourSial, Falcon

Transparent and optical adhesive sheets are designed to properly and uniformly seal plates for your PCR and qPCR experiments. They can be easily applied even when using gloves as the ends of the leaflet are not sticky.
Once the leaflet has been placed on the plate, light pressure should be applied to ensure that the edges of the raised wells are perfectly sealed.



Corning, yourSial

The highly transparent 15- and 50-mL centrifuge tubes are made of virgin polyethylene (PP) with conical bottoms. The screw cap is made of polyethylene and provides an excellent seal. They are sterile, RNase/DNase-free in addition to being noncytotoxic and nonpyrogenic agents. Finally, they present graduations printed in black and a large writing patch.
Tubes from yourSIAL line as well as from different brands we distribute, such as Corning, are available.
Sial customer care can be contacted for more information.

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