Small bench instrumentation

Within the extensive Corning® catalog we also find benchtop instrumentation.

SIAL is at your side to maximize all the instrumentation you need for your laboratory starting from benchtop equipment to more complex automation instruments such as liquid handling and NGS.

The fundamental objective of each laboratory is certainly to possess the most suitable instrumentation for carrying out not only the most common practices but also for technological upgrading in order to ensure results that are always in step with modern technology.



Cell Counter


The Corning® Cell Counter is a small automatic cell counter that is fast, accurate and inexpensive. This tool replaces manual counting, which is less accurate but at the same time time-consuming in terms of time and in some cases consumables, when considering the cost of disposable slides. We list some technical specifications below:

- Counts in 3 seconds on the provided chamber or other common reusable chambers or slides-no extra charge for consumables;
- Rapid analysis of the image that is stored in the cloud by machine-learning based algorithm of high accuracy and ensuring its speed;
- Count range from cell size of 4 μm, compatible even with very small cells such as PBMCs;
- Live/dead cell counts using Trypan Blue;
- Gating function: subdivision of cell population count according to
to dimensions;
- Extensive reporting and data export capabilities as image, Excel, graphs.



Corning, Antylia_Scientific

The extensive portfolio of Corning and Antylia instruments also includes centrifuges, which can be categorized as follows:

- Microcentrifuge for tubes and strips at RT;
- Refrigerated and non-refrigerated microtube centrifuge;
- Centrifuge for 15 and 50 ml tubes;
- Plate Spinner plate centrifuge, compact and for use before and after PCR to recover as much material as possible. Allows 2 plates to be accommodated at a time, skirted and non-skirted.


Matribot Bioprinter


The Corning Matribot printer represents a true revolution in that it enables the dispensing and printing of heat-sensitive matrigel®, collagen and hydrogels without the need for ice, blocks or cold chambers.

Corning Matribot bioprinter is the first benchtop printer equipped with a revolutionary cooling syringe capable of dispensing 3D droplets or droplet arrays for organoid applications.
This machine also allows layered geometries to be printed with various other extracellular matrices to better emulate the in vivo environment. Thus, it is a flexible, easy-to-use semiautomatic solution that reduces manual errors, all with minimal footprint

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