Liquid Handling

yourSial, Falcon®, Corning® and Axygen® offer high-quality and reliable liquid handling solutions and consumables.

Sial has been the official distributor for many years of Corning, one of the world's largest manufacturers of plastics, reagents and media for Cell Culture as well as a wide range of small laboratory instruments.

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Serological Pipettes


Serological pipettes are sterile, DNase/RNase free, pyrogen-free, noncytotoxic, BSE/TSE free. They exhibit bidirectional graduation and volumetric accuracy of ±2% at full capacity. Three types of packaging are available: single packaging in paper/plastic or transparent plastic, and in bulk.
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Automatic pipettor


Automatic pipettors such as Falcon® Pipet Controller, Corning® StripettorTM Ultra Pipet Controller and Axygen® MotoPet® Pipet Controller can be used to aspirate viscous liquids or in the range of 0.5 to 100 ml. These ergonomically designed pipettors allow you to adjust the suction speed at your discretion or proceed by gravity. They are equipped with LCD screen, PTFE filters and are compatible for use with both plastic and glass pipettes.
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