Monkeypox Virus Real Time PCR Kit

Ready-to-use kit for detection of Monkeypox virus or monkey pox

In view of the cases of Monkeypox infection reported in several European countries including Italy, Sial S.r.l., as well as during the emergency situation from COVID-19, promptly acted in identifying a kit in RT-qPCR for detection of Monkeypox virus.

The kit from Creative Biogene, which we distributed, has the following specifications:

  • Ready to use
  • No. of tests per package: 25 tests
  • Sensitivity: 5×10^3 copies/ml
  • LOQ: 1 × 10^4 ~ 1 × 10^8 copies/ml
  • The kit contains: DNA Extraction Buffer (for DNA extraction in 20′), MPV Reaction Mix, PCR Enzyme Mix, Molecular Grade Water and Internal Control (IC).
  • FAM channel: detection of amplified fragments of Monkeypox Virus DNA
  • HEX/VIC/JOE channel: detection of internal control.

Such a kit also turns out to be compatible with several commercially available thermal cyclers such as:

  • LightCycler 1.0, LightCycler 2.0
  • PE5700, MJ-Opticon & other single color systems
  • ABI7000, ABI7300, ABI7500, ABI7900, ABI StepOne, StepOne plus, MJ-Opticon2, MJ-chromo4, MX3000P, MX3005P, Smart Cycler II, Rotor-Gene 6000, LightCycler 480, CFX159, Lif96, Slan 96, iCycler iQ4, iCycler iQ5 & other multi-color systems

For more information on kit availability and to receive a quotation, you can contact SIAL Customer Service.