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We have been operating in the field of Research and Diagnostics for almost 50 years, offering ourselves not only as Distributors but also as Consultants. Our mission is to offer our customers innovative and high-performance products for all phases of the laboratory workflow as well as constant technical support service.


Our job is to know the market, see all the products we offer.

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    Molecular Biology/Plasticware Reagents and Kits - yourSIAL line

    S.I.A.L. is pleased to announce that a new line of proprietary branded "yourSIAL" products for molecular biology that includes highly specific and sensitive reagents and kits is now available on the market.

    Mag-Bind® TotalPure NGS

    The Mag-Bind® TotalPure NGS Kit is a simple solution for purifying DNA and RNA for use in downstream applications such as library preparation for NGS, microarrays, automated fluorescent sequencing...

    Real Time PCR Diagnostic Kits

    - Complete panel both as single Targets and in multiplexes
    - System validated on different RealTime platforms
    - Preloaded lyophilic reagents in strips
    - Same homogeneous thermal profile per line allowing sessions with multiple tests simultaneously

    BIG FISH™ Neutraction Nucleic Acid Purification System

    Automated nucleic acid extraction system using magnetic beads from various samples such as whole blood, tissues, cells, bacteria, plasmids, viruses, plants and more.
    Available in 32- or 96-test versions.

    Our expertise is specific

    On the one hand, our work is to dialogue with the best manufacturer brands on the market by offering our Clients specific solutions for each need, and on the other hand, to be aware of the market and the continuous evolution both in the field of Research and Diagnostics.

    Our work


    With a nationwide sales network, we support universities, hospitals, private laboratories, biotech and government organizations.

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    We guarantee specific technical advice and assistance.

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    Thanks to the acquisition of 3C Service S.r.l., Sial is also able to offer specialized technical support services on collective protection devices (CPDs) and beyond.

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    They say about us

    I am a Unimore researcher. For more than 10 years I have been purchasing through SIAL laboratory reagents for my research line and collaborators. Precise in handling orders and punctual in delivering products, but above all, they are reliable in the sales department and competent in the technical support department. I feel scientifically and personally protected.

    Dr. Antonella Committee

    UNIMORE - Department of Biomedical, Metabolic and Neuroscience former headquarters. Biomedical

    Serious, reliable firm ready to meet every need, with the highest quality products at absolutely competitive prices. I have been turning to SIAL for over 20 years certain to find professionalism, skill and courtesy. A company attentive to the needs of the researcher, with capable staff, able to respond to all the demands and new questions that this profession constantly poses.

    Dr. Massimo Teson

    IRCCS IDI - Molecular and Cellular Biology- laboratory technician

    We have been working with Sial for about seven years now. No disputes, promptness and helpfulness showing the seriousness of the Company. Always ready to accommodate our needs. Cooperative and tolerant. Special thanks to Dr. Silvia Esposito, who perfectly embodies the quality of the Company she represents.

    Prof. Protasi

    University "G. d'Annunzio" Chieti

    We have been a customer of SIAL for more than 20 years. Very serious company with a team of highly trained and extremely helpful employees for our every need. Congratulations!!!

    Dr. Gasperi Valeri

    University of Rome Tor Vergata - Department of Experimental Medicine

    On every occasion, SIAL is able to support any kind of request with great competence and helpfulness. Qualified staff who are flexible and ready to answer any questions very quickly.

    Dr. Sabrina D'Agosto

    Human Technopole - Computational Biology Research Centre

    Great ability to listen and collaborate with the customer to understand specific issues and try to offer quick and cost-effective solutions! Staff always helpful, priceless quick response to every request.

    Prof. Marina Borro

    St. Andrew's Hospital Company - Advanced Molecular Diagnostics - Associate Professor

    Competent, reliable and helpful company for every need. Highly trained and helpful staff for every need and issue.

    Dr. Onofrio Laselva

    University of Foggia, Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences - Biomedical Research Center "E. Altomare"

    Courteous, reliable and always helpful staff. We have been relying on them for years now, and there has never been a lack of professionalism, but above all, punctuality in service and delivery. Definitely among the best!

    Dr. Mariano Maffei

    TAKIS Biotech - Senior Scientist Protein Production Facility.

    Great competence, kindness, transparency, and above all flexibility! On every occasion, and even in the face of problems, SIAL supported me in quickly finding the best solution for my needs.

    Prof. Silvia Piconese

    University of Rome La Sapienza - Department of Clinical Internal Sciences - Associate Professor

    "yourSial TAQ Polymerase" is very cost-effective: it was used on genomic DNA extracted from a tail biopsy and worked very well. Moreover, it was sent to me very quickly, after only two working days from the request.

    Dr. Antonella Ferrante

    Istituto Superiore di Sanità - Department of Pharmacological Research and Experimental Therapy

    Firm attentive to the needs of a research laboratory. Professional and reliable sales specialists who can provide high-quality support. Extremely helpful for our every need, from order to delivery.

    Dr. M. Beatrice Morelli

    University of Camerino - Department of Experimental Medicine

    Great expertise, kindness, speed and attention to detail. We have been able to rely on SIAL for our laboratory supplies for years, and we are thrilled!

    Prof. Emanuela Frangipani

    University of Urbino Carlo Bo - Department of Biomolecular Sciences (DISB)


    Our knowledge of the market and the network of partners we have developed over the years allows us to be able to offer ourselves as consultants during the choice and selection of products and applications, but also to be a point of reference for assistance at all stages of the customer relationship from the propositional to the more operational.

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