For over 40 years S.I.A.L. has been the reference point in Italy in the distribution of innovative products for scientific research.

Thanks to the cooperation and collaboration of some of the most successful international brands, SIAL is able to draw upon a vast repertoire of knowledge and experience in the market to provide a wide range of tools for biological research as well as other needs revolving around the activities of the laboratory.

The safety and reliability of products, customer care and professional competence are the values shared by the team at SIAL. Every day working with commitment and determination, combining tradition and innovation, they aim to establish a relationship of mutual trust with customers and be the best in their field.

S.I.A.L. has collaborated since 1973 with the best international brands in order to ensure a high quality product
Offer on the whole laboratory workflow with the best brands.

Risparmio su costi accessori, minimo d'ordine, costi amministrativi e ghiaccio secco.

With our own staff of biologists, S.I.A.L. is able to provide specialized technical support
at every stage of the purchase from the selection of the product up to after-sales care,
ensuring a smooth transaction and peace of mind


To order a product or request a quote, simply send an e-mail to the following address
or call us directly at +39 06 6625209

S.I.A.L. Has managed over the years to create a working system that allows you to optimize costs, thus managing to offer products at the best price on the market while still guaranteeing the highest quality.

S.I.A.L. offers a unique service, where customers can find all the products they need at the best quality / price ratio.
S.I.A.L. is a point of reference for research.
S.I.A.L. is active in the market CONSIP-META.


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